Beets, I'd like to paint a room in my house this color...maybe not the whole room, maybe just a wall....or maybe a dress this color...
Beets. I’d like to paint a room in my house this color…maybe not the whole room, maybe just a wall….or maybe a dress this color…

So, I know you hear reports everyday about this study or that study saying that this thing or that thing  is good for you. I usually don’t pay much attention because often its some nonsense like beer has anti-viral properties, but you would have to drink 30 beers a day to see any benefit. Totally useless for regular folks, this is only meaningful if you are a manufacturer of multi-vitamins and are working on a beer pill to take with your fish oil everyday.

But this morning I read an article about beets and blood pressure that caught my eye.  A promising  small study in which a few people with high blood pressure (but who were not taking medication) were given a cup of beet juice a day had a significant drop in blood pressure ( check out the article here =>   )  . It takes about 2 beets to get one 8 ounce cup of beet juice.

This hits close to home because as many as 1 in 3 adults has high blood pressure including members of my family.  I was inspired to make a beet recipe for good health…plus beets are yummy.  I’ll post the beet recipe as soon as I’m done.

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