How Can I Save the Most Money at Aldi

How can I save the MOST MONEY at ALDI Sweet Savant America's best food blogger

How Can I Save the Most Money at Aldi

Are you on a tight budget? Do you love shopping at Aldi? If you can answer yes to both of those questions, then you may be looking to save the most money as you possibly can at Aldi. Shopping at Aldi on a budget isn’t always easy. It’s overwhelming when you walk in and it’s usually super busy. However, here are some ways you can save the most money at Aldi. If you purchase organic products take a look at this Guide To Organic Food at Aldi for some great tips.

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How can I save the MOST MONEY at ALDI Sweet Savant America's best food blogger Aldi Shopping video

Always Keep Your Receipt

Aldi has a “Twice as Nice Guarantee” If you aren’t happy with a product, Aldi will allow you to return it, as long as you have your receipt, any unused product, and the packaging. If you have a bad product and your receipt, Aldi will replace the product and give you a refund.  What happens if you shop and you don’t keep your receipt? This simply means that you cannot take advantage of the Double Guarantee Policy at Aldi.

Bring Your Own Bags

By bringing your own bags with you to Aldi, you are going to save yourself a lot of money and a lot of hassle. You can also use the brown boxes that are all over Aldi’s sales floor. I’ve always found it easier to shop by bringing my own bags. The cost of bags can add up too if you shop at Aldi a lot. Tip: KEEP BAGS IN YOUR CAR!!!!!!!

Plan Your Shopping Trip

The only way to save money and have a successful shopping trip, when going to Aldi, is to plan your shopping trip. Plan on what you will buy and what your budget is. You may even want to walk through your local Aldi to get a feel for the layout. It’s hard to shop when you’re flustered. Plan your shopping trip and see how this helps you save the most money at Aldi.

Buy Dairy Products at Aldi

If there is one thing you buy at Aldi to save you money, let it be the dairy items. I’ve never seen dairy items so inexpensive. Whether you’re buying eggs or buying milk, these items are so cheap at Aldi. Their cheese, yogurt, creamer, and other dairy products are also a reasonable price.

Guide to organic foods at Aldi Sweet Savant America's best food blog

Look at the Ads

Something I like to do when I shop at Aldi is take time to look at the ads. Yes, even Aldi has ads and it’s amazing. They have sales that catch your eye too. If you shop the sales, on top of their everyday prices, you will save a ton of money. Aldi usually has sales on:

  • Meat items
  • Dairy products
  • Pantry items
  • Frozen items
  • Specialty items

How Can I Save the Most Money at Aldi?

You can also view the weekly ad online before you head to the store. I think you’ll be amazed with what you find on sale.

Shop at Various Aldis

If you live in the Atlanta area, it’s safe to say there is at least one Aldi in your town. Aldi has more than 1,900 stores in 36 states so check the store locator online to see if there’s an Aldi near you. Don’t be afraid to shop at the different Aldi’s to save the most money. Sometimes to save the most money, you have to be willing to do some crazy stuff! If driving from Aldi to Aldi is as crazy as it gets, then go for it. You may find some awesome deals this way.

How can I save the MOST MONEY at ALDI Sweet Savant America's best food blogger

Buy Your Produce at Aldi

I have never seen fresh produce cheaper anywhere else but at Aldi. It’s true that you can walk into Aldi and buy fresh produce. While the produce is a little more expensive than it used to be, it is still very cheap. You can save the most at Aldi by taking advantage of their produce options.

Check Out the Speciality Aisle

I know you have seen the memes of “went to Aldi for milk and came home with a chainsaw.” LOL, I’ve bought some cool products at Aldi. Aldi is well known for having a speciality aisle. You can walk down this aisle and not really know what you’re going to find. So what if you leave with a pack of socks or a new kitchen set, it will be the cheapest set you ever buy.

Take Advantage of the Meat Options

You should know that not everyone loves shopping at Aldi for their meat. However, they are missing out. Aldi meat is actually very fresh and has a lot of taste. You can find a variety of meats:

  • Hamburger meat
  • Turkey
  • Pork shoulder
  • Chicken
  • Filet mignon


I have also found that Aldi has an excellent selection of fresh meat on sale each week. You will just want to look at the online ad before you head in store. Aldi will have you enter in your zip code, so you can get the exact deals happening at the stores close to you.


Don’t Forget the Alcohol

While this doesn’t suggest you NEED alcohol on your weekly grocery trip, it’s good to know the options you have at Aldi. In fact, Aldi is well known for having excellent alcohol options. Aldi carries beer and wine at great prices. If you need to stock up for cheap, then make sure you give your local Aldi a try.

Frequently Asked Questions About Saving Money at Aldi

Sometimes we all have a few questions about saving money at our favorite store. Here are some questions and answers you may be looking for.


Does Aldi accept coupons? There are some good things about Aldi that help save money and some not so good things. The downside to Aldi is that they do not accept coupons. There are no coupons accepted whatsoever at Aldi, so keep this in mind.


Why is Aldi so cheap? If you haven’t noticed yet, Aldi doesn’t use store brands, they use their own brands. They keep things cheap because they cut smart corners. Look at their sales floor, it’s full of boxes. Look at the cashiers, they don’t bag your groceries. You’re also responsible for your own bags. Don’t forget to bring a quarter to “rent” a shopping cart! This ensures customers will return the carts to the corral in front of the store so Aldi doesn’t need an employee to wrangle carts.


I hope these tips help you save the most money at Aldi. I’ll admit that it may take you a few tries to really start saving at Aldi. Don’t be so hard on yourself and follow these tips for saving as  much money as possible at Aldi.

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