Thanks to Bland Farms, Vidalia Brands

Pinner's Conference Vidalia Brands Sponsor Sweet Savant

My heartfelt thanks to Bland Farms/ Vidalia Brands for sponsoring my appearance at Pinner’s Conference, Georgia

We’re just a few short days away from my appearance at Pinner’s Conference, Georgia (get ticket information HERE and use code SAVANT for a 10% discount) and I wanted to give a special shout out to one of my sponsors, Vidalia Brands. I was introduced to Vidalia onions a few years ago when I was invited to bring my family down to Vidalia, GA for the Vidalia Onion Festival.

My family and I had a great time tasting everything from raw Vidalias ( they’re super sweet and low in sulfur so you can bite right into them like an apple) to Vidalia onion ice cream. I fell in love with our local Georgia grown onions and brought more than 10 pounds of them home with me. With those onions I created my most popular recipe to date, Vidalia Onion Upside Down Cornbread! 

Vidalia Onion upside down Broccoli Cornbread sweetsavant.comm America's best food blog

I’ve been cooking with Vidalia onions ever since and posting recipes like Vidalia Onion Kinchi  and Vidalia Onion Pancakes.

I ran into Sandra and Delbert Bland of Bland Farms and Vidalia Brands at an event in Atlanta a few months ago and shared with them my love of Vidalia onions. Turns out, Vidalia Brands has a TON of Vidalia Onion products like salad dressings (Vidalia onion salad dressing is my dad’s favorite) snacks, condiments and seasonings. Vidalia Brands also produces some of the most delicious sweet potatoes you will ever taste.

Pinner's Conference Vidalia Brands Sponsor Sweet Savant

We hit it off so well that they agreed to be a sponsor for my appearance at Pinner’s Conference. I’m incorporating delicious Bland Farms Vidalia Onions into my 15 minute dinners course, grab a ticket so you can taste them. Here’s a link for tickets and use code “SAVANT” for 10% off

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