Sweet Savant at Pinner's Conference Georgia

Meet me at Pinner’s Conference Georgia on April 22! I”ll be teaching you how to make delicious dinners in just 15 minutes thanks to one of our fantastic sponsors, Sanderson Farms!

For a while now I’ve been  working with Sanderson Farms chicken on monthly sponsored recipes as well as Facebook and Twitter chats and I’ve had a wonderful time. With SandersonFarms I’ve brought delicious recipes to you like  Firecracker Hot Wings (perfect for a low carb/Whole 30 lifestyle)

Sanderson Farms Whole30 inspired Firecracker hot wings sweetsavant.com America's best food blog

Grilled Mango chicken rolls

grilled mango chicken rolls #SandersonFarms sweetsavant.com America's best food blog

Grilled Chicken Panzanella  salad and more

Grilled #SandersonFarms Chicken Panzanella with Peaches sweetsavant.com Americas best food blog

SandersonFarms has tons of delicious healthy recipes and cooking tips on there website. Check them out HERE for lots more information.

I appreciate that Sanderson Farms does not add any additional sodium to their chicken products. For me that makes a big difference in my cooking. I like to add my own blend of seasonings in the amount I think is best. When I use Sanderson Farms chicken I don’t have to worry about any additional sodium that I don’t want.

When the opportunity arose for me to teach a class at pinners conference I reached out to Sanderson Farms to ask if they would work with me to showcase  some quick and delicious recipes and they happily said “YES”.

So I’ve been working hard to develop some tasty recipes to share made with 100% natural Sanderson Farms chicken and I’ve got some great ones for you.

Follow my Sanderson Farms Chicken Recipe Board on Pinterest for more great recipes 

I’m so excited to be teaching a class at Pinner’s Conference, Georgia this year. “Dinner in 15 Minutes ” is the theme for this class and I’ll be demonstrating two new recipes and giving my class a taste. My class will contain up to 250 guests, which is the largest cooking demonstration that I’ve ever done. This is both terrifying and exciting,  it’s a new step in the growth of Sweet Savant. This is just the beginning of many more conferences and classes that I will be teaching here in Georgia as well as nationally so be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for upcoming events.  Teaching is really the heart what I love and what I do.

What would you like to learn to cook? Do you need tips on getting delicious and healthy meals on the dinner table? Please leave me a comment below and let me know what class you would like me to teach.

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