Recipe Remix Easter Dinner Ham Ramen Edition America's best food blog

Remix yesterday’s leftover Easter dinner into today’s ramen! We cooked a fairly traditional Southern Easter dinner- a baked ham, some sweet potatoes, deviled eggs and collard greens. I didn’t go overboard with the meal, we kept things pretty simple.

Recipe Remix Easter Dinner Ham Ramen Edition America's best food blog

I didn’t use the sweet potatoes in the ramen but it would sure make a tasty dessert! I had a little leftover cooked bacon from the deviled eggs so I added some of homemade bacon bits into the ham broth while it was heating.

Recipe Remix Easter Dinner Ramen Edition America's best food blog

But TODAY is a new day and we’re going to turn most of that into a delicious ramen dinner. When I cooked the spiral sliced smoked ham I poured a cup of water into the bottom of the pan and covered the whole thing, that gave me a delicious (but salty) broth that I strained into a container to save.  I had about 3 cups of ham broth after the ham was finished cooking. The fat floats top of the broth and when chilled is easy to scrape off of the gelatinous broth.

To make the ramen I heated a cup of ham broth with a half cup of water to cut the saltiness and added some slices of ham. While that was coming to a simmer I heated some collard greens in a bowl in the microwave ( I was just making a single serving). Drain the greens, you don’t want too much pot likker, it’ll over power the ham broth.

Here’s my recipe for Church Basement Collard Greens

how to cook collard greens church basement collard greens America's best food blog

When that was done I poached an egg in the microwave. To do this just pour about 1/2 cup of water into a mug, crack the egg into the mug (the water should cover the egg) cover the mug with a saucer and microwave on high for 40-65 seconds depending on how you like your egg.

Once my broth was simmering I added my ramen noodles (throw the seasoning packet out, you don’t need it) and simmered for 3 minutes.

Pour the noodles, ham and broth into your bowl with the collard greens and add your poached egg on top. Sprinkle a little hot red pepper on top and you’re DONE!!! No recipe needed!

Recipe Remix Easter Dinner Ham Ramen Edition America's best food blog

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